The Importance of Finding The Right Yoga Mat.


The Importance of Finding The Right Yoga Mat

Yoga is practiced today by so many people throughout the world and has become especially popular in the United States as well as many other countries.  It is the one form of exercise that is spiritual, meditative as well as providing stretched muscles and peace of mind.

While there are many different kinds of yoga and practices, the one thing they all have in common is the use of the yoga mat.  With our different practices and body types, we each have specific requirements that make us feel comfortable when practicing.

With the popularity of yoga, yoga mats have also become more solid, textured, and high quality.  There are so many different types of yoga mats to choose from that it is really hard to know which one is best.

A quality yoga mat is extremely important to help maintain your balance and have the right posture.  If you are in a yoga practice that makes you sweat, you want that is sticky enough so you don’t slip on the mat.  And, of course, we all want a mat that has enough cushioning to protect our body and joints.

A company, called Consumers, an-online site that reviews everything from the best yoga mats to the best car insurance took the time to fully explore the best kind of yoga mats to help people narrow down the choice.  

They studied the different mats and assessed them according to the following:


The team tested the mats to see how the traction worked when wet and dry, as well as how thick the mats are, the weight and the comfort of the mat.

Eco-friendly mats

Eco-friendly mats were important to them for its impact on the environment and they are not made with toxic materials.  Plastic mats are not favorable as they have a negative effect on the environment as well as our bodies.  

The price and value of the mat

The value of each mat was also analyzed as the team looked at mats at every price.  While eco-friendly mats are more expensive, they do last much longer.

The design of the mats

The mats were also studied to see how well-designed the mats were and how sturdy they were, how they absorbed sweat and how easy they were to clean.

Further, they took the yoga mats outside to see how they weathered in the warm summer client.  The team also looked at the companies to determine if they had a good reputation and that their company was committed to environmental causes.

After they tallied the results, they came up with what they felt was the most high quality and eco-friendly mats available.  Their hours of research and practicing yoga on the different mats allowed them to come up with a very detailed list of the top 10 yoga mats.

Of course, the type of mat you choose depends on your body types and the yoga practiced, but it can be very helpful to read the results to determine what to look for in a yoga mat.