Mandatory Safety Guidelines for Schools to follow.

Parents send their kids to school every day with the belief that their child is in a safe place. School campus is supposedly one of the safest places for children.

These days we have been hearing enough news about children getting raped/molested and now even murdered while being inside the school campus. We can not stop sending our children to school and lock them inside the house with the fear that something will happen.

Its time for a wake-up call. Schools should take responsibility for each and every child as long as they are in the school campus, and in their supervision. We do not want to hear any more lame excuses from the school management.

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We have come up with a set of rules which should be made mandatory in all schools to ensure our children’s safety. We want to take all precautions in making schools as secure as possible and avoid such heinous crime to happen in the future.

So, here goes the school safety guideline checklist which should be enforced in all schools asap :

  • CCTV Cameras of good quality, covering a broader angle to be installed in all major as well as remote places of the school. Regular maintenance of the camera should be carried out to keep them in working condition at all times.
  • Live streaming of CCTV cameras should be made available to parents.
  • No adult should be allowed to use the washrooms dedicated to kids. Female sub staff should always be present to guard the washroom. Separate washroom for school staff.
  • Background checks and police verification of all the staff members must be done. There should be no compromise on this.
  • Any ongoing work in a school like painting/plumbing/carpentry should be strictly prohibited during school hours. This is to prevent laborers from entering the school during kids’ presence.
  • Child Abuse Prevention Committee should be appointed including staff and parents to tackle local issues. Such committee members should be allowed to make random visits.
  • School transport should be GPS and CCTV enabled at all times. App-based monitoring should be provided to parents to track the child during the bus route.
  • Training and medical preparedness of the school management and staff in response to a potential fire, combating natural disasters like earthquakes, etc.
  • Safety mechanisms to prevent bullying, sexual abuse, etc in school campus and buses.
  • When children go out of the school for events, competitions, excursions, there should be a stringent security policy in place to safeguard children. There should be no consent form to be signed by parents stating school is not responsible for any mishappening.
  • Visitor entry and exit procedures should be strictly monitored at all times and in all entry and exit points.
  • A third-party audit is required from a reputed organization. They should give a timeline for implementation to the school and this report should be shared with the parents.
  • They should certify that all recommendations are complied and adhered to and review checks happen every 6 months. 



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