5 things every school going child should know about personal safety.

Post the unfortunate incidence of murder of 7 year old, most of the parents have had sleepless nights fearing about the safety of their kids. It is a big world and the constant news and media makes it easy to make you live in a world of fear.  So, here are 5 safety rules your child must know that would really help him or her be safe to a great extent.

  • #1. The difference between safe and unsafe touch

It is important that parents and teachers explain to the child what is ‘safe and unsafe touch’. The difference can be explained in simple language understood by kids like ‘Good teach makes you feel good and bad touch makes you uncomfortable’. The body party which are covered in your swim suit are your private parts. They belong to you and no one has the right to touch your private parts, neither should anyone force you to touch their private parts. They should be taught how to say no to a touch they don’t like and are not comfortable with. The “no-touch” rule about the 4 private body parts should be reiterated to the children often.

  • #2. To raise an alarm if they get stuck in a threat situation

Children should be made aware to raise an alarm in case they are stuck in a unfortunate threatening situation. We need to teach them what to do and how to raise an alarm in case of a difficult situation. They need to scream and shout for help, if possible run away from the spot. If parents and caregivers prepare their children with ways to raise an alarm and ask for help, children are seen to be better prepared for unfortunate things. The child is less likely to go on fright mode and thus may be able to solve the problem and make decisions when in need.

  • #3. To not entertain random request or suggestion by a stranger

One of the most important things to teach children is to avoid all sorts of invitations from strangers. They should not get lured by offering of sweets/chocolates or anything fancy. Children should be taught to say ‘NO’ to any come-along-I’ll-show-you-something” request by anyone whatsoever. The importance of seeking parental consent before agreeing to a stranger’s request should be emphasised to the children.

  • #4. To not keep secrets from parents/guardians/teacher

They should be taught to talk to their parents about their day and everything. Parents should take out time from their daily chores to listen to their kids. They should themselves open up to their kids and discuss and take their opinions and try to have a friendly bond with them. Children should not keep secrets from their parents and should have trust in either of parents or grandparent to open up and share anything they like to. If someone asks them to keep something secret from parents, they should immediately let their parents know about the incidence.

  • #5. They should know important personal details

Teach your children and make them learn their address, parents/caregiver cell numbers and emergency phone number. This will help your child to get in touch with you at the earliest if he or she finds himself or herself in any kind of danger. Your child should know where to call during emergency.



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