8 healthy food alternatives to satisfy your child’s sugar cravings.

Sugar has always been an integral part of our diet. It is not sugar which is dangerous but the way we consume it is.

Studies reveal that Sugar can lead to obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, lethargy and low IQ in kids.

Kids prefer Chocolates,candies, colas over natural healthy options. While most kids have a sweet tooth, it’s important to keep their sugar intake in check.

It is recommended to have sugar the natural way and avoid the artificial substitutes. An artificial sweetener can sometimes add more calories to meal and can do more harm than good. Sugar if obtained from healthy natural sources imparts various health benefits.
Sugar is one of the nectar of life. Let our sweet craving kids enjoy the sweet delicacies by replacing with Healthy sugar substitute.



Honey is the sweetest natural food item. Apart from delicious taste it has numerous health benefits. It can be consumed alone or along with other healthy foods.

How to serve:
Adding in a glass of lime juice or top it on healthy dry fruits or on anything your kids like.



Jaggery is a concentrated product of cane sugar or dates without separation. It can vary from golden brown to dark brown in color.
It sweetens our body in a healthy way. Apart from being a sweetner agent it has various other benefits which includes better digestion, providing instant energy and warming effect to body in winter.

How to serve:
Jaggery powder can be added in our kids milk to replace it with unhealthy chocolate shakes. It can also be added in our recipies of muffins,cakes and cookies and thus replacing it the white sugar wherever possible.



There is enough evidence about the benefits fruits provide to us. All the fruits are high in nutritional value and have natural sugar ‘fructose’.
Fruits like mango,seetaphal,jackfruit are often skipped from kids diet considering its high sugar content but we tend to overlook its nutritional values.
The fruits are rich in minerals,vitamins,dietary fibre which are beneficial for growing child.

How to serve:
Almost all sweet lover kids would love the above fruits. They can be eaten as it is or can be prepared to make delicious shakes and juices. Pureed fruits can be added in your kids favourite jams, cakes,pies and smoothies.



Not only are they delicious but have various health benefits for kids. They are excellent source of vitamin C, potassium and dietary fibre.

How to serve:

Sweet potato is used in various recipes but the simplest and quick recipe would be to boil it and sprinkle with some salt and lemon juice.




This tasty cream-icecream like consistency food is something a kid can never say no to. It will surely satiate the sweet tooth of your kid. Apart from being great in taste, it is rich in calcium and protein. It has probiotics which provides friendly bacteria for our gut to fight intestinal infections.




Dried fruit is the perfect alternative for candy. It contains the natural sweetness, tang, and flavor of fruit in a small, chewy package. Indian gooseberries,dried cranberries, dried raisins and figs can be used to prepare yummy candies which can substitute unhealthy candies. The fruits are boiled,cut into small pieces and then sun dried to make it chewy and tasty like candy.
Seedless grapes or raisins are high in nutritional values and are often termed as golden gems. Raisins are favourite of children, can be eaten alone or added with snacks and deserts.
Indian gooseberry or amla is known to be the wealthiest source of vitamin C provided by nature. It is must for kids as it is beneficial for their eyes, hair and skin.
Due to its sour taste it is difficult to consume it alone but can be added with other fruits to prepare nice fruit juice mix. It can be prepared as candy or jams.



Carrots are best known as the orange crunchy power-food. It is rich in carotene and high in vitamins. It provides tremendous health benefits for our kids some of which are better vision, beautiful clear skin, prevents cancer and helps in strengthening teeth and gums.
It is also a good source of antioxidant agents which helps to keep infections at bay.

How to serve:

Consuming carrot is quite easy, it can be eaten raw in salads or as finger foods by babies and toodlers.
It can be used to prepare various shakes,juices, soups, cakes, pies. It can be relished as vegetable dish combining with peas and sorter with olive oil and salt.



The fruit of the date tree is used in making various Cuisines across the world. Dates are a good source of various vitamins and minerals, energy, and fiber. It also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and zinc.

How to serve:

Dates are best eaten by themselves. Date syrup is an excellent alternative of refined sugar. Dried dates can be added to cakes, bread, and other dishes.



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