Tips for raising a single child happy and confident.

Modern family life has gradually been seeing an upsurge of the families with just a single child. Many women are opting to have a single child, the reason could be ever challenging career, late marriages, and late pregnancies, financial constraints or personal choice. The parent’s main focus is on raising a single child happy and confident.

A leading portal revealed that the celebrity Kareena Kapoor Khan does not plan to have a second child. Unlike with families that have two or more children, the parenting pressure on you will be relatively lower but the lack of natural playmates signifies that your single child would need a lot more attention to emerge as a happy, self-confident adult.

We are here to give you some tried and tested tips for raising a single child so that you never have to confront a moment of doubt while parenting:

Tried and tested tips for raising a single child happy.

Double your love and affection!

The lack of affection from siblings tends to leave only children feeling unloved more times than they would care to admit. As a parent, it will be your responsibility to provide him with the best resources for his development and give him your undivided love and attention back at home. Spend some quality time together, go on holiday to exotic locations, and do their favorite activities together.

Encourage Playdates and spending time with other kids.

Makes sure they spend quality time with other kids often. Playdates give them the perfect opportunities to engage in social scenarios in the same ways siblings would with each other. This will develop their social skills right from initial years and help them in becoming a confident individual.

Enroll them in After school activities or Daycare.

Single children usually feel lonely after coming back from school or during holidays. This time can be best utilised in joining any activity of their choice. Swimming, basketball, art, dance, music class, or any other activity of their interest. Activities like these teach your child sharing, teamwork, and holding themselves accountable as part of a larger group.

Don’t be overprotective in raising a single child.

Allow your child to explore and handle situations on their own. Let them learn from their own mistakes. Studies have authenticated that children of overprotective parents have difficulty making decisions, and can later affect their thinking and risk-taking ability. To raise a healthy child, you need to let them go and face the world.

Don’t force your ambitions on your Only child!

The parents of a single child often tend to force their ambitions on the lives of their children. At times Child feels a lot of pressure to overachieve to make their parents proud. This could make them very competitive with themselves, resulting in stress. Don’t judge him if he doesn’t crack that crucial entrance examination to medical school. Allow him to explore his interests so that he can decide what he wants to do on his own. 

Bringing them up Self-assured and Confident.

To raise them as a confident individual, you are advised to encourage and give your child free rein to express his feelings and to pursue the professional avenues she wishes to. But in case you have their interests in mind, you should also make sure they abide by your words when you say ‘no’.

Teaching them to be Compassionate.

Accustomed to everyone being on their beck and call round the clock, the single children often grow possessive and self-centered. Parents should make efforts to counter this inclination by teaching them to share their Halloween candies and to take part in community service along with them at certain festive occasions during the year.

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Just like the parents of two children, having a single child also presents a host of challenges. Recognize your child for the gem that he is and the path forward will be much easier.


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