10 fun indoor birthday party games for kids.

Apart from cute birthday dresses, surprising gifts, sumptuous cakes, and Party themes the indoor birthday party games are something all kids look for.

The games add a new spark to the party and enhance kids’ delight to many folds. Though devising new games for your kid’s birthday is a bit difficult, but leave your unease to us as we are giving you some exhilarating birthday party ideas. Do Remember to buy gifts for the game winners!.

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The Story Teller

  • Ask the kids to form a circle and tell their favorite story one by one.
  • The kid who narrates the complete story should be declared as the winner.
  • Give consolation prizes to all the players after finishing the game. This is to keep them all happy and avoid anyone feeling bad about not winning.

Musical Bumps

  • Start playing kids favorite dance numbers
  • Tell kids to dance until the music stops
  • As soon as the music stops, kids will need to stop dancing and sit on the floor
  • The one left standing, in the end, will be eliminated and repeat the game until you get one winner.

The Toy Guessing

  • Buy small toys and wrap them in numbered boxes
  • Give all the kids a paper and a pencil.
  • Pass on the boxes and tell kids to guess what’s inside the box by shaking it.
  • They will write down their guesses on the slip along with the number of boxes.
  • Those who made the right guess will win the game

The Fashion Show

  • Mention about this game on the birthday party invitation cards
  • The kids will need to walk near the cake cutting area one by one displaying their dresses while keeping a smile on their face
  • Winner will be decided by all kids writing the name of the child whom they found most attractively dressed.
  • Consolation prizes should be provided to avoid any ill feelings.

The Blindfold

  • Choose one child and cover his/her eyes with a soft piece of cloth
  • Turn him around while other kids change their places in a row
  • Tell the chosen kid to go to every child and guess his name by touching his hair or face
  • The kid whose name is guessed first of all will be the next one to be blind-folded
  • The game will continue until everybody gets his/her turn
  • There will be no winner in this game and each child will get a small gift like a pencil or candies for participating

Word Formation Game

  • This game will require many small gifts if number of participants in a team is bigger.
  • Make 3 sets of little square cards beforehand and write capital alphabets on each card.
  • Start the game by distributing one set of 26 alphabets to each of the 3 teams.
  • Write a jumbled word like ‘ERGTI’ (instead of TIGER) and ask the teams to solve the jumble by arranging alphabetical cards as per right spelling.
  • Give hints about category of the word like ‘Category- ANIMAL’ is for TIGER.
  • The team which solves the jumble first will be winner.

The Skit Game

  • Assemble harmless props like utensils, colors, balloons, and toys from your home beforehand
  • Make teams of 4 to 5 kids in each
  • Ask each team to take props of its choice and present a skit or advertisement or song or dance using those props.
  • The winner will be decided by party guests to write the best entertaining team on slips provided.

The Mummy Wrap

Cub Scout Nathaniel Liming wraps his den leader, Shaun Donahue, in toilet paper for the “Mummy Wrap” game during Cub Scout Pack 225’s Spookeree, in classroom 7 of building 5082, Oct. 19, 2013. Pack 225 held a Spookeree, in which they received the belt loops and merit badges they recently earned, participated in a costume contest, mini parade and assorted activities. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Kristen Wong)
  • Make teams of 2-3 kids and provide them with toilet paper
  • An adult will be standing next to every team
  • The team who wraps an adult as a mummy first will win
  • This game is most suitable if your kid’s birthday falls near Halloween.

The Frog Race

  • Tell kids to take positions like a Frog i.e. Sitting crouched on the floor with touching their knees by taking arms under their thighs.
  • Start a race up to a small distance and the one who reaches destination first will be the winner.

The Treasure Hunt

Robert Sheely, 4. Parents: SrA Grant Sheely (81 MDOS) and Lindy Sheely.
  • This is an outdoor game if you are celebrating your kid’s birthday in a lawn or park or mall.
  • Hide hints for hidden treasures on different clue cards and put them on different places across the venue and tell kids to find clues on the route given to every team
  • The team finding all the hidden items first will be the winner

Have a fun filled celebration!!

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