Choosing between diaper and nappies

Choosing between disposables diapers and nappies (the cloth diapers) is an essential parenting choice. Intention is always to choose the one that is not only friendly and comfortable to your baby’s skin but is hygienic too. We are highlighting a comparison of both to help you decide the one that is best for your baby.
  • Skin friendlinessCloth diapers are far more skin friendly as compared to ready made disposable diapers as they feel soft on your baby’s skin. Infants tend to have a very sensitive skin and thus, diaper rash is quite common amongst them. Thus, even if you want to use diapers for infants, use them occasionally like only while going out. Do remember that diaper rash can also be caused by nappies if the detergent is not drained out properly.
  • Diaper composition – While nappies or cloth diapers are made with soft cotton cloth, disposable diapers are made up of petro-chemicals like SAP and AGM for super absorbency and are bleached with Dioxin. Both of these have been associated with allergic reactions and harm to baby’s genitals, if a single diaper is not replaced for a longer period. Thus, if you do not want to expose your baby to such chemicals, then, cloth diapers are the best buy for you.
  • Cost comparison – All mothers want to give their babies the best but sometimes money becomes the constraint and diaper cost relates to one such issue. Generally a baby requires minimum 6 to 7 diaper changes throughout the day (considering a change within every 4 hours) ,thereby, making it to a total of 200 to 220 diapers in a month. So before deciding between diaper and nappies, do consider whether the cost of diapers fits your pocket or not although you can use them inter-changeably depending upon whether baby is sleeping or playing or you are taking him/her out.
  • Hygiene and maintenance – If you can afford the costs associated with diapers and do not want your baby to get dirty more so often for the sake of hygiene, then, go for diapers and it will take just five minutes to wipe off potty and your sweet little baby will stay clean always. While changing diaper, clean dry the baby and apply dermatological powder (suggested by your baby’s paediatrics) to resist diaper rash.
  • Mother’s convenience – Whether you are home maker or working, ensure that you are available to wash cloth diapers frequently as unlike disposable diapers that don’t require any time or efforts for washing, cloth nappies get messy more often and need to be washed as soon as they get dirty. You can also use various hygiene liquids available to keep them away from germs but still washing nappies demands time and effort.
On the basis of aforesaid, while choosing between nappies or diapers, go for the one that best suits your baby rather than the one that suits your own lifestyle. Babies vary as regards their comfort level. Where some feel good in diapers and do not catch allergies or rashes much often, others might feel good in cotton diapers i.e. nappies only. Our suggestion would be to keep a balance between the two. As soon as the diapers are spoiled, keep your baby in nappy for a while so as to provide comfort to their soft organs. While going out, diapers are undoubtedly the best.