5 Healthy Travel Snack to keep you on track with your fitness goals.

It’s the time of the year when you want to relax, explore, spend time with loved ones and eat good food. But, as we all know these fun filled vacations can pose a challenge to your diet. The diet plans and exercise go haywire and you are afraid to lose track from your fitness goals.

With a little planning, you can enjoy yourself and not pack on the pounds. Eating a snack between meals help curb your hunger, keeps metabolism high, helps you in controlling the portion size control having large meals of the day. Snacking can also help you get in all the nutrients you need.

Pack these 5 healthy and easy to carry snacks, while you go on your holiday.

  • #1. Makhane Fox nut - Fox nut or makhane is a healthy yet delicious snacks. These days we have various flavours of makhane available in market like salted makhane, cheese makhane, sweet n sour makhane. It’s an excellent source of protein, calcium which makes it a healthy snack. Also it is high in fibre and low in calories which aids weight loss.
  • #2. Roasted Chana- It is low in calories and works as one of the healthiest in between meal snack option. As it is rich in protein, it keeps you full for longer time thus avoiding over indulgence in the next meal. Protein and fiber present in roasted gram is useful in boosting our energy, which keeps the metabolism high and keeps us active throughout the day.
  • #3. Fruits - Fruits like Apple, Banana, Pear, Grapes. We all know that eating fruit is healthy. Having them while travelling makes them the best snacks option. Fruits are rich in fibre and water content. As a result you feel fuller and eat less in the next meal. It also keep the craving of sugary foods at bay.
  • #4. Carrot and Cucumber sticks - Easy to carry, low in calories and delicious snack. They taste good even when eaten raw. Sprinkle with lime juice and some pink salt and you are done with a healthy, nutrition salad.
  • #5. Dryfruits - Easy to carry, delicious and a healthy snack. Full of proteins and fibres which will keep you full for a longer time. In an airtight container add nut mix of almonds, pistachio, cashews, walnuts, berries.


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