Nanny or daycare for your child?

Gone are the times when there were joint families and kids were lucky enough to be surrounded by grand parents, aunts and cousins all day. The parents could go to work sans the anxiety of child’s care in their absence. With the advent of nuclear family trend and additionally, shifting places owing to job location or re-location, child care has become a matter of immense consideration for none of us wants to earn money at the cost of our child’s care. Thus, if you are also bitten by the same anxiety as its time to re-join your job post-delivery, then, check out the comparison between nanny and day care centres.
  • The Cost Factor Involved
Finding a day care with lesser charges is easy but finding a nanny with lesser charges is next to impossible. Even if you happen to find one such nanny, the chances are she will not be having the requisite attributes that you might have been looking for in a person who is going to accompany your little one all day long. While hiring a nanny, professional or the one recommended by your family friends, affordability always remains a matter of concern whereas the day care centres offer reasonable prices and fit in almost everyone’s pocket.
  • The Search Part
Irrespective of the cost involved in both options, the search part is something that makes this task even more formidable. While there are so many day care centres providing lucrative facilities and benefits, it becomes a bit difficult to search the right day care. But finding a nanny involves much more research than just a professional institute who provides trained nannies for child care. The reason being that you will need to check her background, her identity authentication, feedback from other clients of the institute, her communication, patience, charm and much more.
  • The Consequences (Pros and Cons)
Before deciding about hiring of nanny or enrolment of your child in day care, you must be aware of the consequences that are going to follow afterwards. Have a look at the pros and cons of both options. Pros of Hiring a Nanny
  • One to one special attention to your child unlike day care
  • Homely atmosphere is always in the baby’s comfort zone
  • Babies gel with nanny just like family members
  • Nanny looks after individual needs of the baby
  • Nanny can also assist you in other chores
  • You can work late without worrying about closing time of day care
  • If the baby falls sick on your busy working day, nanny is always there to provide timely medication
  • Nanny gives mother like care and love to the baby
Cons of Hiring Nanny
  • If nanny falls sick, your baby is the first to catch infection
  • In case of severe illness of nanny, it becomes hard to find a substitute nanny easily
  • Baby does not get to socialise with other kids of same age as in day care
  • Baby might become introvert staying at home with the same person daily
  • Supervision of nanny is difficult until and unless you have CCTV cameras in your house
  • Child care method and thinking of nanny may vary with you
  Pros of Day care
  • Ample supervision as support staff is there in day care centres
  • Social development of child with all other children of day care
  • Mental development with daily activities for toddlers and kids
  • Easy pick and drop facility
  • Reliable and available as no question of sickness like nanny
  • Helps in setting baby’s daily routine and schedule of fixed sleep and eat timings.
  Cons of Day care
  • One to one attention missing as there is usually 1 supervisor for 3-4 children.
  • Usually closed on holidays and thus, no option of baby sitting if parents need to go for work urgently
  • More chances of catching infection from other babies
  • Missing one to one attention on your child as usually there is 1 caregiver for 4 babies or kids.
  • Tiring for small babies until they do not get used to day care routine
  • Self supervision is difficult if day care does not provide CCTV camera facility to you via internet.
Thus, choosing between the two is not an easy job. It will depend on your perspective of leaving your heart with the one you rely the most while affordability still remains an issue.


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