Eggs - the most versatile, convenient and popular breakfast meal throughout the world.

Eggs are known as the power food for all the nutrients it offers.

They are very good source of natural protein and powerhouse of nutrients and various vitamin and minerals. It is also one of the inexpensive form of protein which is readily available and also easy to prepare.

Pediatrics recommend introducing eggs yolk in kids diet first (at around 6 months) and later egg white(at around 12 months) to watch for symtom of food allergy if any. For kids above 2 years, intake of minimum 1 whole egg(egg white and yolk) is recommended. Eggs is really important for kids wholesome and nutritious diet. Few of various egg benefits for growing kids are as under:
  • #1. Brain development - Eggs are one of the richest dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B12 and D and choline which is associated with multiple integral brain functions. It improves overall mental health, memory and cognitive power. Pregnant women are advised to consume one egg daily as it is helps with the foetus brain development.
  • #2. Keeps Bones and teeth Strong - Eggs are rich source of calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus. These are beneficial in building and developing stronger bones and teeth. For growing kids, eggs are must to keep their bones and teeth strong.
  • #3. Improves eye sight - Eggs play an important role in keeping the eyes healthy. Eggs are rich in carotene which helps in improving vision and keeping eyes healthy.
  • #4. For Healthy hair and nails - Eggs are a good source of protein,vitamin D and vitamin b complex, which produces keratin. Keratin is a protein which keeps hair strong, elastic and healthy.
  • #5. Provides iron - The egg yolk is rich in iron. It helps kids with iron deficiency. Iron plays plays an important role in immunity, energy metabolism and many important functions in the body. Iron forms haemoglobin in blood, which is also responsible for carrying oxygen from the respiratory organs to the rest of the body.
With so many benefits it is recommended to include eggs in our kids diet!. Check out interesting egg recipes