4 tips to encourage child play independently

Playing with kids has its own advantages but this can not be done all day long. Moms need to multitask many things, be it cooking, cleaning or never ending laundry work. Juggling between so many things at home hardly gives them any time for relaxation.   If mom is working from home it is really difficult to manage kid along with their work. How she wishes to get that 1 hour of ‘ME’ time. She craves that extra time to do some quality work or simply breathe or enjoy an uninterrupted newspaper read or any adult conversation. In between all this long list of never ending work you keep hearing “Can you play with me” ? Its definately not easy to say no to your child all the time but at times such situation arises when you simply cant give your time. In such scenario, you do wish the child learns to play independently, at least for some time.  The toddlers/preschoolers who have not yet started school  or on weekends or after school hours  demand most attention. They become clingy and it becomes next to impossible to do anything at all. Allowing kids to play independently, will not only help moms, it would help the kids the most. It helps them to become independent, creative and confident.  There are times when parents/caretaker are busy and they are not able to provide their company nor able to arrange any play dates with other kids. In such a scenario, kids should learn to be self dependent and not depend on any one else.It will also help kids in long run when they become adults. They will be happy and learn to accept whether they're in small groups, large crowds or alone.  When they play alone they think explore and act and take their own decisions. This helps them in problem solving and decision making skills. Here we have listed some tips to help kids play individually :
  • Creating Play friendly environment - Creating a child friendly, secure place for your child. Depending on space availability in house a complete room or small corner of house or on their crib. Creating such specialized areas will give them feeling of belonging to this place. They would understand it’s a special space created for them, they need to  play and have fun here.  A beautiful, well designed and colorful space will  attract them and they would want to spend more and more time there.


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